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CURION provides total integration, meaning all types of signal sources and imaging modalities with all sorts of medical equipment. CURION assists the doctors to enhance learning, helping the doctor to establish academic communication.

The seamless, intuitive image through the Video-over-IP system instantly routes any image source to any destination, with no need to re-plug equipment. That system should be centrally managed for flexible growth. Record multiple video sources simultaneously, on the network-based application, in various combinations of formats and resolutions with high quality and in real-time. This is particularly beneficial with mobile devices, such as endoscopy trolleys, that are used among several ORs.

CURION for viewing real-time surgery video and broadcast historical cases with a browser, enhance the sense of presence in education.

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A Comprehensive Video Integration and Recording System for Medical Facilities
Specialized for examination and surgery rooms
Record real-time videos from 4 to 8 medical devices individually or combine 4 video sources into a single video file simultaneously
Switches on screen for Picture in Picture mode (Dual or Quad) and the layout of the screen can be customized
Record and stream medical video in real-time

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A multi-functional integration medical video management system
Integrate multiple MEDIRECO cases, manage the cases by the department or discipline
Manage case, review case, playback cases by PC, Tablet and mobile phone
Watch immediate surgical procedure directly on another device
Playback to review the case after the operation

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An intelligent medical video routing system

MEDIMATRIX can customize video re-layouts as picture-in-picture or multi-split (allowing customized video from multiple source screens, for use in your meeting room or classroom).MEDIMATRIX preset features different preset image modes for different departments. Of course, it can also follow the doctor's own preference setting, with a shortcut key to quickly switch the function.

It offers a wide range of display modes and customized screen layouts, including switching to multiple monitors in full screen, picture-in-picture or multi-split (quad view or more than four).

A discussion and communication feature system
Discuss and research cases in real-time communication
Show your case in conference rooms with video
Medical webinars, easy-to-use, Full-featured

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